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STEINBECK JOHN (1902-1968)

Lettre autographe signée adressée à Robert WALLSTON [Salerne], «Good Friday» [20 avril 1962], 5 pages in-4 à l'encre sur papier jonquille réglé, enveloppe conservée.
Cette année-là où il reçut le Prix Nobel de Littérature. Steinbeck écrit une très longue lettre relative à son voyage en Italie à Robert Wallston à New York, ami de ce dernier qui collaborera avec la troisième femme de Steinbeck, Elaine - dont il est question dans la lettre - à l'ouvrage
Steinbeck: A Life in Letters publié à New York en 1984.
«[...] arrived by boat from Capri [...] the whole family is famished for
Lotuses or is it Loti. Seems to be a good lotus crop here complete with Bongo drums [...] Tonight [...] they are going to bless the boats, the tourists and next year's budget and maybe a little will splash off on us. Robert, I thought, told you [...] never to show unfinished mss to an amateur. Everyone is a writer and all will help. The less they know the more they will help [...]».
«You stupid son of a bitch [...] I don't tell you how to try a case [...] Your little Queen of the May [...] hereafter known as G. M. [...] If she wanted fiction she should have employed Dick Nixon's ghost writer [...] Dahling - the most wonderful thing has happened and it's all due to your greatness. [...] They are now the property of the nation [...]».
«That is your speech [...] my observation is [...] she hasn't any idea what she said on those tapes [...]. Now that is your first bomb. The second is a kind of mutual germ warfare. Little Muddy can press the button on that. [...] If I had known I'd have to spend all my time filing letters I wouldn't have let Robert take this job [...].»
Steinbeck continue: «Now, the third small bomb I can drop. I will write you a terse letter on my letter head saying [...] My first thought is that pp. 170-286 should not be printed [...] will Knopf feel the same.
After all, they want to sell books [...].» «Italy makes the best ball point pens in the world [...] Now it is the day after Easter [...] La Vita got pretty Dolce. The gay Roman play boys came down with their fashion models [...] The play boys now look their age and the models re showing the results of their normal malnutrition. Elaine and I avoided the Dolce Vita. We just got drunk and laid [...] Two aspirins and a bloody Mary and we were pawing the earth again. Next Thursday we are taking [a] ship [...] for Athens [...]
I can neither spell nor pronounce it. It is a cottage hotel on a beach 15 minutes from Athens. We straggle from beach to beach. I have been made an honorary Stranger of Positano [...] This morning on our breakfast tray there was a list of 20 questions for a magazine.
My favorite was -'What would be your feeling if a street in Positano were named for you?' My answer was, ‹I would find it flattering but ridiculous' [...] it's just as well we are leaving Thursday [...]».
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