CASTRO FIDEL (1926-2016).

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CASTRO FIDEL (1926-2016).
Autographe manuscript, signed « Fidel Castro », [1959] ; 2 pages in-4 format, with erasures and corrections, on letterhead “Republica de Cuba. Ministerio de Defensa nacional. Ejercito” (perforations to paper from a binder) ; in Spanish. Presentation of the important 1959 agrarian law on the ownership of agricultural land and the National Institute for Agrarian Reform. Castro drafts a speech on agrarian law. In February 1959 Castro became Prime Minister and thus head of the Cuban government. On April 15 he visited the United States and Canada, stopping in Washington, D.C., New York, Princeton, and Montreal. The very day after he returned from his trip, Castro announced his agrarian reform. It was really the key to everything. Under the Agrarian Reform Bill American and Cuban sugar mills were stripped of their cane fields; no foreigner could acquire farmland in Cuba or inherit it; upwards of two hundred thousand peasants would receive land. But in fact the peasant was simply exchanging the private owner as boss for the government as boss because (1) the land could never be sold or mortgaged, and (2) the peasants were to grow crops ordered by the National Agrarian Reform Institute (INRA) and they were to deliver their crops at the price set. » « INRA in a real sense now became the new Cuban state. A strong axis was created between INRA and the Rebel Army, with INRA providing the economic and political decision-making body for the former’s military power. INRA created its own armed hundred-thousand-man militia set up its own department of industrialization headed by Che [Guevara], and formed a department of commercialization. INRA built roads, seized private lands, and created tourist resorts. Soon Castro was literally running Cuba through INRA. Like a deceptively purposeless honeybee creating its hundreds of secreted little pockets of wax, Fidel Castro was busily constructing the social and political rooms of the new Cuban national home » [Geo
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