EINSTEIN ALBERT (1879-1955).

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EINSTEIN ALBERT (1879-1955).
TYPSCRIPT with autograph SIGNATURE, signed « A. Einstein », Broadcast to Britain !, 4 December 1940 ; 2 pages in-4 format ; in English. Radio broadcast message in support of Great Britain during the Second World War. This typscript was read by Einstein at bears traces of pencil marks, underlining of words, indications of correct pronunciation and at the end the word England corrected by Britain. “It moves me deeply to be permitted to speak to the citizens of England: to the people on whose heroic and steadfast bearing the future of the human race depends. For centuries now a struggle has gone on, a struggle for the free development of the human individual. The success of that struggle in the past few hundred years has flowered and come to fruit in all fields of human endeavour, as never before in history. Art and science have risen to undreamed-of heights; and science in particular has mastered a technique giving birth to the hope that man may be freed for all the future from the burden of slave labour. And now all these conquests, so laboriously achieved, stand in jeopardy; because, in our striving to perfect the means, we have lost sight of the goal, which is the well-being of man himself, and the harmonious conduct of his life. England fights today for these true goals of human endeavour. She is today the hope of all who have human weal at heart. Here in the United States everyone feels that England fights for those same aims that seemed priceless to the makers of the American Constitution. Everyone in America knows that the British people’s fight is America’s fight; everyone knows that in this fight there can be no retreat and no compromise. When the day dawns and the shadows of darkness and violence have fled away, then, we may hope, the nations will have learned from this awful span of years something more than the last generation did from the First World War. We must succeed in building so mighty a system of internat
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