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Signed letter, signed « Faulkner », 20 April [1952?], to Monique LANGE; half-page, in-4 format, typed (small split along fold); in French and English. Planned sojourn in Paris with his mistress Else Jonsson. Else JONSSON was the mistress of Faulkner since their encounter in 1950 in Stockholm, when Faulkner was awarded the Nobel Prize for Lieterature. He writes in French and English, to Monique Lange, a Parisian editor, asking her to arrange a clandestine rendez-vous with Else Jonsson. Despite a 33-year marriage to Estelle Oldham, Faulkner is known to have had several extramarital affairs, among them Jonsson, widow of a Swedish reporter who had once interviewed the author. Faulkner had met Else Jonsson in Stockholm in 1950 when he received his Nobel Prize and conducted an affair with her until 1953. The clandestine rendezvous put into action here likely dates to 1952, as Faulkner is known to have journeyed to France in May and was joined by Jonsson, who was there to participate in an international writers’ congress. The need for “a small discrete hotel” (“un petite hotel de discretion”) turned out to be less important than he imagined, as pain from an existing back injury led to his hospitalization. Undaunted and still in intense pain Faulkner, soon made plans to travel to Oslo where he and Else were reunited.
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