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Signed autograph letter, signed « Ernesto », [At Sea] (Night before we get to Hawaii), February 1941, to George BROWN, 7 pages small in-8 format, on letterhead stationery “Matson Line”, in pencil; in English. Trip to Hollywood in view of the movie adaptation of For Whom the Bell Tolls. Hemingway writes to George Brown, a close friend who had given boxing lessons to Ernest in his New York City gym. Based on Hemingway’s novel, with a screenplay by Dudley Nichols, the movie was directed by Sam Woods with the lead roles played by Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman. The movie came out in July 1943. When “For Whom the Bell Tolls” finally premiered (10 July 1943), two years after Hemingway signed the contract — due, it is assumed, to Hollywood’s fear of General Franco of Spain – he was displeased. He commented that Hollywood had flunked again, just as they had done with his “Farewell to Arms.” On his way to the Far East, Ernest Hemingway writes of his stopover in Los Angeles/San Francisco to approve casting for the film version of For Whom The Bell Tolls. Hemingway and his new wife Martha (“Marty”) flew to Los Angeles (27 January 1941) from New York for a two-day visit in Hollywood, where they were the guests of Gary Cooper and his wife. Hemingway recounts his trip to California and his cruise to Hawaii in his inimitable style: “We had an OK trip to Los Angeles. Went OK there. Stayed with Coopers who met us with the big new Cadillac double funeral hearse he bought his wife for Xmas and they had a dinner that night with one sell broad (Carole Landis) that all the married or uglies jumped all over because she got a little drunko. But she was only 22 and I said to them they should have seen what gays like me or Cooper were like when we were drunk at 22. Coopers wife (Rocky) and I beat Cooper and Marty [Hemingway’s wife Martha] 5 set of tennis to win 11 dollars in 2 days. But no money changes hands that way on account of husband and wif
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