[TITANIC]. ISMAY JOSEPH BRUCE (1862-1937). Homme d’affaires britannique, directeur de la White Star Line.

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[TITANIC]. ISMAY JOSEPH BRUCE (1862-1937). Homme d’affaires britannique, directeur de la White Star Line.
8 TELEGRAMS sent by Bruce Ismay, 15-18 April 1912, to Islefranck (Office of the White Star Line) in New York; 1 page oblong in-8 format, on letterhead “The Marconi International Marine Communication Company”, with three telegrams received by Ismay on board the Carpathia from Phillip A. S. Franklin of Islefrank, responding to Ismay’s messages. Each telegram mounted on folio sheets, joined together with metallic ties, with title “ ”Book N° 1 Copy. Carpathia Mr Ismay’s m[essa]ges sent and received ”; half-morocco dark blue box; in English. Extraordinary group of eight telegrams sent by Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line, the fleet to which belonged the Titanic, just after his rescue from the sinking Titanic by the Cunard liner, Carpathia. As managing director of the shipping company to which the Titanic belonged, Bruce Ismay went on the maiden voyage of the Titanic as a passenger. Director of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company or White Star Line, the fleet to which the Titanic belonged, Ismay had managed to leave the ship, but was considered to be one of those responsible for the disaster. Addressed to Islefrank, the office of the White Star Line in New York, the telegrams are written in the Marconi international maritime language. The first telegram of the series bears the full name of Ismay, while all the others have his name spelled backwards “Yamsi.” The first ship to respond to the distress signal of the Titanic was the Cunard liner, Carpathia, which was fifty-eight miles away. Arriving one hour and twenty minutes after the Titanic sunk, Carpathia took aboard Titanic survivors who were fortunate enough to get into lifeboats. Upon boarding Carpathia, Ismay writes to his New York office at 5:50 AM on 15 April 1912: “Deeply regret [to] advise you Titanic sank this morning fifteenth after collision iceberg resulting serious loss life further particulars later..” At 1:00 PM the same day Ismay transmits more inf
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