[TITANIC]. CANDEE HELEN CHURCHILL (1858-1949). Femme de lettres et décoratrice américaine.

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[TITANIC]. CANDEE HELEN CHURCHILL (1858-1949). Femme de lettres et décoratrice américaine.
Autograph MANUSCRIPT, The North Atlantic. TITANIC; 40 folios, in-4 or in-8 format, in blue-green ink (trace of rust on page 1); in English. Exceptionnel témoignage de première main par une rescapée du terrible naufrage du Titanic, paquebot réputé insubmersible, dans la nuit du 14 au 15 avril 1912. After an unhappy marriage, Helen Churchill Candee supported herself and children as a writer for popular magazines such as Scribner’s and The Ladies’ Home Journal. She initially wrote on the subjects most familiar to her – etiquette and household management – but soon branched into other topics such as child care, education, and women’s rights. Helen Candee was on board the RMS Titanic on its one and only sad voyage. On the memorable night of 14 April 1912, the mighty Titanic rubbed against a massive iceberg and the ship was doomed to sink in a matter of hours. Her story was one of the sources of inspiration for James CAMERON and his film Titanic (1997), which itself portrays the character of Rose (albeit younger). The manuscript, perfectly legible, includes interlinear additions for the use of typographers, as well as some sketches and erasures. Helen Candee was touring Europe when she got word from her daughter when she got word from her daughter that her son Harry had been injured in an accident. The Titanic was the only ship heading immediately across the ocean to America: she booked her passage in First Class. Candee devotes several pages to life aboard the most luxurious liner in the world, to the amenities of the liner, to the passengers, to the premonitory remarks of several of them… After a last drink at the ship’s Ritz restaurant, she retired to her cabin: “The ship’s engines thumped a harmony, and sang a melody. You can always hear music on a ship with the engines going. I was in my bathgown ready for a stinging hot bath. The music of the engines was beating and singing, rhythm and harmony. Then the shock came. Ara
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