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Collection of 13 documents relative to the sinking of the Titanic (14 April 1912). * Compendium of the Belgian newspaper Le Patriote illustré for the year 1912 (Brussels, 1912); a small volume in-fol., bound in brown half-goatskin (some cutting). 52 illustrated issues, from 7 January to 29 December 1912, containing numerous references to the launch of the Titanic on 10 April 10, its sinking on 14 and 15 April, the rescue of the survivors, etc. * White Star Line advertising brochure (in-12, disbound), presenting its two new liners: Olympic and Titanic; many color illustrations. * Printed document: White Star Line. Triple Screw R.M.S. "Titanic". 45,000 tons ... Plan of First Class Accommodation. Printed and illustrated presentation of passenger cabins first class (72.5 x 98.5 cm at sight, framed). This plan, published by the White Star Line, presents a detailed layout of the first-class cabins, spread over the various bridges constituting the ship. It is stated in title that the Titanic is one of the two largest steamboats in the world, measuring 269 meters long, 28 meters wide, weighing 45 000 tons. The cabins were luxuriously planned with private bathrooms. First-class passengers could had access to numerous reception rooms, could relax by the pool or work-out in the gym. * Telegram (The Western Union Telegraph Company) sent by the White Star Line to Senator JA Hughes [whose daughter Catherine was on board the Titanic], dated New York April 15, 1912: “Titanic proceeding to Halifax passengers will probably land there Wednesday all safe.” This message illustrates the troubled role that the shipping company played in managing the crisis that followed the sinking; according to some historians, the reasons for this missive would be financial. The White Star Line wanted to reinsure the Titanic urgently for a higher amount than previously set. * Postcard of the Titanic rescue boat at sea, approaching the Carpathia; and 4 copies of the postcar
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