BELLMER HANS (1902-1975).

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BELLMER HANS (1902-1975).
L.A.S. "HB.", December 31, 1950, to Claude RICHARD, Bordeaux; 2 pages in-4 on super fine pink paper. Pathetic letter, relating to the publication of his album Vingt-cinq reproductions (1950). He hasn't written to her in a long time: "My life has become very, very hard again". The 16,000 F sent by Richard "allowed him to activate the production of the collection (once again) so that I managed to get the first ordinary copies at 7½ on Christmas Eve. I had put in a terrible effort; for the past three weeks I have been dragging around a flu which, due to the freezing cold of rue Mouffetard and the printing workshop at Larrive, has taken a dangerous turn in the last 10 days. For the moment, I can no longer stand up, but in order not to declare myself defeated, I am forced to run constantly to find the minimum amount of money necessary, day by day, not to die of hunger. I'm terrified, not knowing what to do to survive. Then he talks about the framing of his painting,"(i.e. your painting), I will be happy to take care of it, because it is very important for the enhancement of the thing. I know one of the best framers (he framed those things that Cocteau and Morihien bought from me a few years ago and those that the Hugo-Gallery took from me this year. It should not be too cheap"... He was able to "recover a head expl. from my Revel Album, under case with an original drawing", which he offered him for 6,000 F. As for the album (Twenty-five reproductions), the "luxury" copies will not be ready for a week"...
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