BELLMER HANS (1902-1975).

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BELLMER HANS (1902-1975).
Autograph MANUSCRIBER, The Cardan joint; 2 and a half pages on super fine pink paper. Interesting text on the cardan joint, whose system helped him to make the doll. The manuscript, in blue ink on superfine pink paper, contains corrections in black or purple ink. "Cardan, in describing his life, lets us know which attacks struck his balance, and we believe we can explain his strategy in this device of rings evolving in a cross, at the centre of which a body can be suspended so that no disturbance from the outside disturbs the stability of his balance. Because this idea: to let any statically eccentric object correspond with the exterior only by means of a three-dimensional centering system and absolute passivity - this idea is one that can be reversed. The connection with the outside, or the notion of the outside itself, can be located inside instead of the object, and the object at the periphery of the system. If we consider that in the first case the distance between the centre of gravity of the object and that of the rings can be reduced to zero and that in the other case it can go to infinity, the result is this surprise: the system of rings falls between two very elementary and contradictory claims, between the two tendencies of concentricity and eccentricity, therefore between two opponents whose interchangeability is incomprehensible enough for it to do without a demonstration by example"... Etc. And Bellmer concludes: "If we still admit that Ibn-Al-Haitam, named Alhazen, who recognized the law of the greatest of symbols, that of the concave mirror, and Al-Djahiz, in the magical use of words also, had the ardor of the marvelous, and if we still admit to a certain degree the resonance of the voice that is heard today, it is difficult not to see that all these relationships tend towards a very exact principle, that of the fireplace whose position in the mechanics of solid bodies is reflected in the ball joint".
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