EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)

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EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)
L.A.S. "Papa",[Berlin early September 1921], to his sons Hans Albert and Eduard EINSTEIN; 1 page in-4; in German. Beautiful family letter to his two sons. He thanks his children ("Liebe Kinder!") for sending pictures, a little dark, but what he doesn't see is completed by the fresh memory ("Was man nicht sieht, ergänzt man aus der frischen Erinnerung"). He will arrive in Zurich in mid-October; if he cannot stay with them, he will move to the Augustinerhof. Moreover, he will not stay long, preferring to be able to stay in Italy a little longer. He addresses Tete (Eduard), who must remain in Zurich as the smallest; he will bring him his silver watch, which he has worn for 28 years and which still works as well as on the first day. Mommy must be careful not to break it ("Denn ich bringe Dir meine silberne Uhr mit, die ich volle 28 Jahre ausprobiert habe, und die noch so vorzüglich geht wie am ersten Tag. Mama muss dann ein bischen dafür sorgen, dass Du sie nicht kaput machst"). If after all he breaks it, then he will comfort himself with the saying: "Becoming a father is not difficult, but becoming a father is really difficult" ("Vater werden ist nicht schwer, doch es sein hingegen sehr"). He had a serious throat infection, but he's feeling better. He struggles on his Princeton lectures - writing is a hard fight for him. On another occasion, he thought twice before assuming such a responsibility ("Ich schwitzen nun an meinen Princetoner Vorlesungen - das Schreiben ist für mich eine arge Strafe. Ein andermal überlege überlege ich mirs besser, ehe ich so eine Pfl icht übernehme"). He often thinks nostalgically of their holidays in Wustrow (on the Baltic Sea). He wants to try to spend as much time as possible with them. Albert has to take care of his travel authorization to Italy, saying that his father, who was invited by the University of Bologna, wants to take him with him...
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