EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)

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EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)
L.A.S. "Dad",[Berlin] February 5, 1930, to his son Eduard EINSTEIN; 1 page in-4 (fold marks); in German. Letter to his youngest son, 19 years old, in his first year of medical school, suffering from schizophrenia. He is happy that "Tete" is back to its usual activities. Because for people, as for bicycles, you only keep your balance by riding. As long as he works well, everything will be fine. He too follows this order, except that he had to reduce the dose ("Denn beim Menschen ist es wie beim Velo. Nur wenn er fährt, kann er bequem die Balance halten. Solange Du also die Arbeit gut bewältigst, ist alles gut. Ich mache es auch nach diesem Rezept, nur dass ich meine Dosis habe reduzieren müssen"). The Viennese mathematician[his new assistant, Walther MAYER (1887-1948)] has already arrived. They only have one hour of work in common on some days, but that's what's important. When Tete comes in March, they will go to the villa in Caputh: it is a real village and a very beautiful place, one hour from Berlin. As for his theory, progress is slow, but he has the highest expectations. One of the greatest French mathematicians corresponds with him on this subject; it requires a lot of effort, but is a source of more pleasure. ("Mit der Theorie geht es langsam vorwärts. Ich habe aber die kühnsten Hoffnungen. Einer der feinsten französischen Mathematiker Mathematiker korrespondiert viel mit mir darüber; das macht viel Mühe aber noch mehr Freude.)" In a way, his son must be really happy with the symptoms of his illness: you can't know anything more deeply than what you feel yourself. Thus, when he has overcome this, he will have the prospect of becoming a particularly good psychiatrist ("Man kann nichts so tief kennen lernen, als wenn man es selbst erlebt. Wenn Du also di Sache überwindest, wirst Du Aussicht haben, ein besonders guter Seelenarzt zu werden"). When he comes in March, they will probably be able to make some plea
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