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L.A.S. "Samuel Hahnemann", Paris 25 August 1842, to a friend[Jean-Marie DESSAIX]; 1 page in-8 with the number MH of his wife (Mélanie); in French. Nice letter of encouragement to a defender of homeopathy[Dr. Jean-Marie DESSAIX (1781-1844) had published L'Homeopathie et ses agresseurs in 1836]. "I have received 100 copies of your speech at the Congress[Congrès scientifique de France, 9e session, held in Lyon. Homoeopathy. De l'art de guérir et de ses progrès, speech read at the Medical Section of the Congress, September 4, 1841, Bailiwick, 1842]. You did the right thing by telling them all this like that. The nail must enter through the point. You write very well and in the way that it takes to persuade. But your writings are too rare. Multiply them; there is much to be said for educating these masses of people imbued with the prejudices of so many centuries"...
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