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10 L.A.S. "S", March-July 1931, to Princess GHIKA[Liane de POUGY]; 18 pages in8, one address; in French. March 7th. "Lady Diana Vernon is not in any English encyclopedia; she is a novel heroine, perhaps by W. Scott [...] The balzacien ideal of the beautiful English woman is Lady Dudley"... April 21, he suffers from leg pain after a fall. "Enjoy your leisure time and the calm you enjoy to update your blue book. You would have so much to say about your friends from now on who will interest future readers!"..... May 4, comment on a curious letter from Claire: "I read a letter from Pauline[Tarn: Renée VIVIEN] to a Turk she had not yet seen, and which contains an analogous sentence, aspiration to joy and torment"... May 13, on the next president: "I am for Doumer, because Briand can be useful elsewhere and the presidency of the RP is a position for retirees"... May 26th. Liane has settled in Cap Brun near Toulon, with friends, while Georges is in Romania: "I can only approve your spiritual retreat in places where you can relive so many pages of your past and withdraw into yourself instead of scattering among the fanfreluches"... June 20, evoking the writing of his Orpheus in the past.... July 19, he is working to complete a translation left unfinished by his brother Theodore; about the word emperlousee and Charles Briand's novel Aliaga, released against licentious literature...
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