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A German Catholic industrialist, he saved more than a thousand Jews from Nazi extermination camps; "Just among the Nations". L.A.S. "Oskar", Zwittau, January 9, 1920, to his cousin, Emilie Tyrolt, in the United States; the letter is followed by an L.A.S. from his mother, née Franziska Luser (1884-1935) to the same; 1 page ¾ in-8 followed by 1 page and a half in-8; in German. He has just received his lovely Christmas card, and he thanks him for it. He attached a picture of his sister, called "Pitzbub", and hoped she would recognize her. As she knows, maybe he's a high school student. They have to study diligently and train a lot. He does not let himself be disturbed, however, but keeps in mind the old saying: "Patience is crowned with roses, while shaking his pants"... He asks how Milie is; it seems to him that she had to finish her studies and that she leads the life of the carefree schooner Packfi... He almost forgot the main reason for this letter: a very great service to ask for. Don't let her salute you: he was wondering if she could send him some cancelled postage stamps, because he collects stamps.... A photograph of Oskar and Elfriede Schindler,[February 1920] (A. Papousche. Zwittau) is attached.
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