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13 L.S. "Arnold Schoenberg", including 4 with autograph postscript, Los Angeles 1947-1950, to Hans W. HEINSHEIMER, Director of the Department of Symphonic and Dramatic Repertoire, G. Editions. Schirmer, New York; 15 pages in-4 typed, some on his letterhead; in English. Interesting correspondence on the distribution of his works by the publisher Schirmer. Hans HEINSHEIMER (1900-1993) had worked for Universal Publishing in Vienna, in the opera department; while travelling to New York for the Anschluss, he decided not to return to Austria, and joined Bossey & Hawkes, where he was in charge of Bartok, before joining Schirmer in 1947. November 12, 1947. He is delighted that Dr. Heinsheimer is taking charge of the future of his works; he hopes that they will be performed more frequently. He asked him about a forthcoming radio broadcast of Opus 43b, and sent a copy of his German translation of the Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte (Meyers Klassiker's translation was poor), recommending that copies be included in the material intended for Germanic countries... March 5, 1948. Richard Hoffam was apparently his student, and Leonard Stein certainly was, but he should not be held back against them: he knows musicians who have suffered worse, and, for some, such as Anton von Webern, Alban Berg, Karl Rankl, Winfried Zillig, it was a good fate... He forwards complaints from students and others who have not been able to obtain editions of his works, in Los Angeles, and even to the New York store, and he insists that Schirmer read this letter and have him pay for the performances of his Variations for Orchestra.... October 23rd. Urgent request for copies of his Variations and their arrangement for orchestra, for his class.... November 7th. He's glad Heinsheimer found the accounting error that cost him so much. It is certain that his Piano Concerto and the Violin Concerto would bring a lot of money, and Schirmer would no longer complain about being a creditor of so m
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