BRETON André (1896-1966)

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BRETON André (1896-1966)
Manifesto of Surrealism. Soluble Fish, original edition. Paris, éditions du Sagittaire, 1924. In-12 with large margins, metal binding by Paul Bonet, metal-lined covers, Havana skinguards, spine titled cold-pushed, head waxed, cover preserved (Paul Bonet, [1931]). First edition, n°1 of the 19 copies on Lafuma pure thread paper with large margins, only edition on large paper. This unique and exceptional copy includes, mounted on tabs: André Breton's autograph manuscript of a part of the preface of the Manifeste du Surréalisme (reissue); 1 folio page with erasures and corrections; unpublished surrealist texts dated 1920, 1924, 1926 and 1928-1929, 5 pages in-4 folded on white and colored paper, one includes a poem collage composed of press clippings, cut and pasted by Breton in the same way as the automatic writing; pp. 179-180 and 185, handwritten texts in Breton's ink in the margins; At the end of the volume, 9 autograph pages in ink in-8 square folded, with automatic writing on the back of the "Revue Littérature" header paper; Of which 3 autograph pages in ink in-8 square folded, dated "March 1924" and signed by André Breton, published in the edition, still on the back of the "Revue Littérature" header paper. It is attached a tapuscrit note signed by Paul Bonet concerning this binding, specifying that it is the first metal binding he made. Exceptional copy.
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