CARCO FRANCIS (1886-1958) Little tunes,... - Lot 26 - Aguttes

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CARCO FRANCIS (1886-1958) Little tunes,... - Lot 26 - Aguttes
CARCO FRANCIS (1886-1958) Little tunes, signed autograph manuscript. 1920, 28 pages in ink on large in-8 paper mounted on tabs in one volume bound on green cardboard. Complete manuscript of this beautiful collection of poems. This suite of 22 poems composed in "December 1916" (the date appears at the end of the manuscript), was published in 1920 by Ronald Davis. The manuscript, carefully edited and prepared for publication, was used for composition and bears typographical indications. Carco prepared a title page and, at the end, a "Table", as well as the justification page. The collection includes the following poems, almost all with a dedication: Dedication; Rentrée, to Roger Frêne; Petite suite (in 3 parts), to Tristan Derème; Madrigal, to René Bizet; Eau-forte, to Maurice Magre; Villon, qu'on chercheerait..., to Jean Mollet; L'heure du poète, to Pierre and Jean Silvestre; Personnages, to Maurice Asselin; Est-il mort...; Nuits d'hiver, to Jeanne Diris; Quelle voix?to Pierre Mac Orlan; La musique des tziganes; Olga, to Robert de la Vaissière; Filles mortes, to Léopold Marchand; Les amies [original title scratched out: Léa et Gilberte], to Colette; O coeur fait de tourment, to Édouard Gazanion; La ronde, to Louise Hervieu; Laure, in memory of Jean-Marc Bernard; Rêverie; Toulouse-Lautrec, to Jean Pellerin; Degas, to Maurice Barraud; and the last poem, untitled quatrain, which sums up the tone of the collection: "Hélas ! won't you come back, As in a bad dream... Dead girls, sad appas, Regrets, sighs of my poems?". An engraved portrait of the author has been bound at the head of the volume.
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