CLAUDEL Paul (1868-1955)

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CLAUDEL Paul (1868-1955)
Correspondence of 28 letters and business cards addressed to Jacques BENOIST-MECHIN. Japan and France, 1920-1927, in ink on paper in-8, some envelopes enclosed. Correspondence addressed to Jacques Benoist-Mechin, historian, musicologist and politician, is mostly literary or musical. Tokyo, from 1920 to 1924: "I applaud with all my strength your idea of making religious music"; "The artist who speaks, who lets himself be touched is a lost man"; "Keiser reminds me of Keyserling and this one of Hölderlin, the only great German poet I know". "The second idea that must be discarded and that bothers so many artists is that Christianity is a cause of impoverishment for the mind." "I'm sending you the following flyer which has interested me a lot and confirms many ideas suggested to me by music from the East." "To live is to struggle and to suffer, and true life is that which does not leave indifferent the smallest action, the tiniest nervous twig of your intimate substance." "I am writing the final lines of Satin's Shoes, which is a kind of examination and mockery of myself." "I will be in Paris on the 6th and go to Adrienne [Monnier] - the time? - with as much joy and interest as you think." Enclosed is a letter addressed to Adrienne [Monnier] asking her to meet Larbaud for various matters. - In France, 1925. "Can you send me a copy of my Parable of the Feast?" - Tokyo and at Sea, 1926. "As for Proust himself, his monstrous vices put between him and me a thickness at once transparent, unbreakable and unclean like the glass roof of the Gare d'Orsay that you describe so well." "I consent with the greatest pleasure to be your best man at your wedding." "You raise another question which is that of infinity and perfection." - Tokyo and Paris, 1927. "Save me the letter I wrote to you about the Humiliated Father, which I have already forgotten." "Yesterday I had a wonderful musical bath! Your choirs have an admirable fullness, rhythm and sound." "It's a very go
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