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Mesure de la France, autograph manuscript. 1922, 92 in-4 pages in ink on paper mounted on tabs in a small in-4 volume bound in half vellum Bradel style, black morocco title piece. Important working manuscript of this essay, a melancholy meditation on the future of France, Europe and the World in the aftermath of the Great War. Mesure de la France appeared in 1922 in the Cahiers verts collection directed by Daniel Halévy. The manuscript is complete, except for the first page, which has been replaced by a typewritten text. Dated at the end "[October struck out] May 1922", it is written in black (or blue-black) ink, without margins, on the front of sheets of beautifully watermarked laid paper Joynson's Parchment (and a few ff. on the back of administrative paper from the Prefecture of the Seine Department. Direction de l'enseignement. Inspection). It has many erasures and corrections, with several passages crossed out, and has been the subject of major reworkings, as evidenced by changes in pagination and many passages cut out and moved. Some passages are rubbed across the text with blue pencil: "preface", "bible", "chiefs", "war". It is divided into six chapters: I Crime and the Law (pp. 1-7). II Le Crime nous aliène les dieux et les hommes [primitive title crossed out: Les Crimes de la France] (p. 8-18). III The Troubled Spirit (p. 19-33). IV La France au milieu du monde (p. 34-59). V Les patries et l'aventure (p. 60-67). VI The citizen of the world is worried (p. 68-92). Let us quote one of the deleted passages (p. 61): "The European homelands have come out of this war covered in blood, staggering, soiled in their entrails by the foul work of profit, but their faces are moving, emaciated, exasperated by sacrifice. This does not mean much: all human tendencies are pushed to extremes and refined by conscience. Our patriotic sensitivity is unheard of. It is sickly, made up of anxiety, of doubt, it collects the rest of the religious feeling which
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