GUITRY Sacha (1885-1957)

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GUITRY Sacha (1885-1957)
Signed autograph correspondence addressed to Yvonne PRINTEMPS. 50 autograph letters in ink most of them signed in two spiral binders. 1915-1932, 75 pages of various sizes, most with addresses or envelopes. Magnificent love correspondence from Sacha Guitry to Yvonne Printemps, who will become his second wife. 1915: "My little Von, you have confided in me, you have told me about your life, you have opened your little tormented heart to me, you have cried in my arms, you have calmed down beside me, you have warmed yourself on my shoulder, you have finally given me such obvious signs of trust and tenderness that you will certainly not hold it against me if I speak to you today as I am going to do. If ever a boredom, a very big boredom...I urge you to consider that I am your friend, your greatest friend". If the married man she loves "did not behave towards you as you would wish him to do, would you not allow me to take his place and do for you what he would not do himself". 1916: Stay in Dax [January 8 before leaving for Dax]: "I have never been so sad in my life! [Dax, January 17]: "Yes! In mourning! In mourning for your smile and your big sweet eyes...take care of yourself, sleep well, eat as much as you can, have every day the success that is due to you and that you need"; [January 19]: "I see you as I have seen you a hundred times already, melancholic or smiling, madly happy and sad all of a sudden. I see your familiar gestures, I have in my ear the sound of your voice and I have the smile of all your dresses which are only held on to you by a miracle - a press stud comes undone and everything goes away"; [January 21]: "I would give eight days of my life, to me, to live with you for eight days.... I would give a year of my life to live a year with you. Hold out your lips to me"; [January 27]: "Here I am again immersed in loneliness, sadness and mud, but with such sweet memories rolling around me... My little child, continue to be natural and simple. Make al
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