JACOB Max (1876-1944)

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JACOB Max (1876-1944)
Autograph manuscript and original drawings. S.l.n.d., 2 pages in-4 in ink on paper. Autograph manuscript with drawings depicting the head of Jesus Christ on the front, and the way of the cross of Jesus Christ on the back. Beautiful poetic manuscript by Max Jacob, anticipating the end of the world and asking God to preserve it in spite of its excesses. "The world will not last forever. I cannot believe that this earthly world will end, everything seems to me stable and lasting, yet the Gospel says: "Heaven and Earth will pass away, our words will not pass away". The Gospel says that we will see signs in heaven, that the pillars of heaven will be shaken, that there will be wars, noises of war, prophets, and the Antichrist who would deceive the elect themselves. Then the rain of fire. Earth! You burn whole, incandescent mass or roast greenery, harvests, monuments you roll in your sky led, powerless to fight; poor immensity, goodness you burn with all your throat without water. Extinct earth, here you are pierced with iron, your heart is pierced with iron, iron falls, surrounds you, pierces you. Extinct earth! Extinct and wounded. Earth, you are only Earth. Darkness envelops it like a sick person, and sick people appear [...] There are crowds of these shrouds, people crowd around in this icy moon, on this dry, sterile earth. Terror on this hairy darkness of men and women, for through the cracked night appears more than terror, more than terror, more than greatness, more than law and justice, appears what has not been seen for centuries, appears what God has not seen. God without a crack of night! God majestic, thinking, young, beautiful, wrathful and benevolent [...] Yet again you have warned me of my fate! Again you let me have my almost intelligence in spite of my excesses! Some hope in spite of the enormity of my crimes. Preserve me! Preserve me. Thank you. On the back, Max Jacob has drawn the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ
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