KISLING Moïse (1891-1953)

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KISLING Moïse (1891-1953)
Autograph letter signed "Kisling the unfortunate Parisian" addressed to "Dear old man". "3 rue Joseph Bara Lundi" [circa 1920], 4 pages in-4 in ink on blue paper. "I am not in Poland and your... need not follow me so far to risk getting lost. Needless to say, it's an amazing scheme! and to thank you for it all. If you make enemies, you'll have friends instead, I believe. Besides, you're not stupid and you've known for a long time what you're doing. Discretion is on my safe side. Count on a very old breed of Poles (Palestine) who have always kept their word of honor. Let's talk about the trick. - I'm completely free of Zborowski [Leopold ZBOROWSKI (1889/1932) famous art dealer, friend of Modigliani], who is as you know a very nice guy but too great a poet. I prefer to manage on my own until I find a businessman who will buy me - again. In the meantime, tell your 619,621 businessmen that I'm delighted and that in November I'm ready to make a deal with them but not less than 50 fr. the number [...]". He talks about his forthcoming stay in Saint-Tropez and hopes that the price of 50 F will be appropriate. He invites his friend to come and discuss it in Paris: "I think you won't hurt to come because we really forgot the Tropezians too quickly. I've had a hard time getting over it and I still do - despite the fact that life here is the most boring and God knows how much I'd like to get the hell out of here! Paris we need and we are obliged to be there". Finally, he mentions the Salon des Tuileries.
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