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Set of ten signed autograph letters addressed to his parents. Circa 1908, ten autograph letters signed in ink, two typewritten pages, two photographs and a draft of a response to a survey on war and peace. In this correspondence addressed to his parents, Le Corbusier mentions his readings: Ruskin, Édouard Schuré (Les Grands Initiés), l'Histoire de l'art dans l'Antiquité by Perrot and Chipiez. He says he goes through museums, talks about Greuze, Boucher, Rodin. He is already clearly defining the clearness that would lead him to his great works of purity, vituperating contemporary German art and affirming: "the clarity, the conciseness of France gives me so much joy". He spent time visiting monuments, studying Romanesque and Gothic art, painted numerous watercolours of villages and churches around Paris, and studied in detail Notre-Dame, "the undisputed masterpiece... I can see everything and I will understand everything and be certain that when I know why and how this mountain of stones is made of all its parts, why it is beautiful and why it is immortal, be certain that I will have learned a good part of my job". However, he did not fail to take an interest in the modern world, witnessing the translation of the remains of Emile Zola to the Pantheon on June 4, 1908 or going to admire the flight of the "aeroplanes". He talks about his travels and study trips, and here he evokes Vienna or German cities. He also announces his stay in Laubach at Felix Klipstein's house, on the eve of his oriental trip (May-September 1911) with the latter's brother, the art historian August Klipstein. He claims that he sees his research as philanthropic, and just as he gives hygienic advice for his brother Albert (a healthy mind in a healthy body), he emphasizes the love and happiness of mankind by taking on the role of a prophet braving the booing. A strong attachment to his Swiss origins: before settling in Paris in 1917, Le Corbusier lived, studied and worked for s
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