LÉGER Fernand (1881-1955)

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LÉGER Fernand (1881-1955)
Signed autograph manuscript addressed to Léonce ROSENBERG. Vernon, September 1919, 12 pages in ink on paper of which 8 large narrow folio and 4 in-8. (Stains, holes, small marginal tears with lacks and restoration with adhesive without embarrassment for the reading, some annotations in pencil lead). A long autograph signed letter addressed to his dealer Léonce Rosenberg, in the form of an artistic autobiography, abundantly crossed out and corrected. The Léger-Rosenberg correspondence is at the heart of avant-garde issues: from 1917 onwards, Léger signed a contract with Rosenberg, one of the first gallery owners to support the avant-garde, particularly the Cubists. His correspondence with Rosenberg was essential to understanding the stakes of the artistic avant-garde during this period. Here he is responding to Rosenberg's "profession of faith", which separated the artists into two currents, one Mediterranean and the other Nordic, by clearly opting for the former. "...] I think this first of all: we are the generation that has lived through and witnessed the sudden development of the human being in all its senses. Perhaps we thought we had extremes before the war. We were mistaken. The figures have been pushed to their extreme tension. Everything that makes a man (joy, moral and physical suffering, endurance, selfishness) has been so overheated that the small circle has become large; it has been violently enlarged, so much so that the convulsion still lasts, will last a long time, because we have lost our balance. As far as we are concerned, we pushed like the others. The pressure manifested itself plastically by an hypertrophy of the temperaments and by a race to the extreme. We found ourselves in space without brakes. It was beautiful. The world had never seen a spectacle like that before. The "South" developed the contrasts of materials to the maximum. The Norths exasperated the form and colour. The extremes gave and still give. Even so, there
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