MERMOZ JEAN (1901-1936)

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MERMOZ JEAN (1901-1936)
Chant de Damné, L'Art, Découragement et Amertume, and Quand une femme m'aimera, autograph manuscript of four poems. S.d. [ca. 1918-1920], 5 pages in-4 in ink on paper. Beautiful set of four early poems, influenced by the reading of Baudelaire and Verlaine. Chant de Damné, satanic poem of 46 lines: "I am very unhappy. The young girls laugh at me/The Birds stop singing when I wander through the woods/The beast flees from me, the woman flees from me, the Man flees from me/O that Life is sad when one is cursed !/To me Satan/King of the Living/Secure me in my pain/Incarnate your sovereign anger/In me your servant [......]"; Art counts 6 tercets: "The deep art of the ploughman of fertile brains/A let go astray in my stupid head/A piece of his seed [...]"; Discouragement and bitterness counts 6 quatrains (on the back, the beginning of the first verse with the title Revolt): "Nobody loves me, yes it's all too true!/My friends forsake me because I am not gay/My sister herself would hate me if I had a sister/Nobody loves me: it is said that I have no heart [...] I feel a crowd of desires rise up in me/I want to live Life, to exhaust its pleasures/Follow the storm calms down when I see O pain/My mother, my poor mother who is silent.When a woman will love me, untitled poem of 4 quatrains: "When a woman will love me, when I will love this woman/ I will give her my body with all my soul/and all the riches and all the treasures that I will possess/She will be the queen because I will love her! [...]».
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