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Five signed autograph letters addressed to André BRETON. Circa end 1926 and February 1927], 10 pages in-4 in pencil under off-white polyvinyl, triple cold horizontal net in the center of the plates with the word "letters", mute spine, beige suede linings and endpapers, embossed half calf shirt, title in oeser, slipcase, (Ph. Fié,2006). The five letters are preserved in rhodoid folders, four of the letters are signed by Nadja, the last one is unfinished and unsigned. Léona Delcourt, known as Nadja, describes herself as subject to André Breton's ascendancy. She admits the failure of their relationship but hopes that it will be used in the poet's work. "...] I would like to depict you something mystical embroidering you all in gold, gauze, muslin. Some romantic landscapes where we can live together [...] It is sweet to possess a soul attached to his own, both of us crossing by the same ray. Walking unceasingly side by side in the same path that leads to the source, that of happiness [...] My André, you are sometimes a powerful magician, swifter than the lightning that surrounds your grave and sweet gaze - of God [...] Perhaps this trial was necessarily the beginning of a higher event - I have faith in you... Let nothing stop you... André, in spite of everything, I am a part of you. It is more than love, it is strength... everything that comes from you can only be love...". In October 1926, André Breton met Nadja, an enigmatic woman who fascinated him. Other encounters followed, sometimes by chance, which impressed the poet. One night in a hotel in Saint-Germain-en-Laye marked the decline of their relationship, which Nadja pursued by sending drawings and letters, including this one, and which ended with a final interview in February 1927. André Breton planned to tell the story of this episode of a few months that had so strongly marked him: Nadja will be published in 1928. Extremely rare letters from Nadja, the tragic inspiration for a m
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