PAULHAN Jean (1884-1968)

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PAULHAN Jean (1884-1968)
Set of sixty-seven autograph and typewritten letters addressed to Joë BOUSQUET. 1929-1946, in ink on paper, various formats, some envelopes preserved, with "N.R.F." letterhead. Friendly correspondence and work correspondence: from 1938, they are on first-name terms and the letters become more familiar and intimate. In 1929, he questioned surrealism: "I loved surrealism too much - to say the least, I believed in surrealism too much - for this grotesquerie not to bother me. If you don't like the word "charlatan", put that these people don't realize what they are doing, or don't care about it, and that we shouldn't take any notice of what they say about themselves. I just wouldn't want to be one of them, for that reason alone. Add that I know why they have started to be unreasonable. When I think of Breton, of Eluard, I see men who first made the strongest demands, the most upsetting ones by dint of accuracy, the ones I am the least willing to give up. They saw them pushed back. Since then, they drink to forget. The weakness of the surrealists is in their conformism"; 1932: "Sometimes the appointment of a winter evening enchants me and sometimes it seems false to me to shout... I finally retain from these one hundred and thirty pages only a few poems..."; 1938: "Keep the Tao Te King, if you need it. I now reproach myself for having made a choice. But I believe that it takes both the hodgepodge and what slowly comes out of it. But how can one get rid forever of the illusion that the essential can be said"; "I am still wondering why Marcel Jouhandeau wrote the Jewish Peril. But he wrote it: and if you have not received this little book, I will send it to you"; He offers to buy a work by Henri Michaux. "(Which I would choose with him from among those in the very beautiful Pierre exhibition [Galerie Pierre Loeb, November 1938] for 500 or 600? H.M. usually sells them for 1500"; "Dear friend, the most impossible of all would be for me to lie t
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