VAN DONGEN KEES (1877-1968)

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VAN DONGEN KEES (1877-1968)
Eleven autograph letters signed "Kiki" addressed to "Mrs. Van Dongen". Paris, Beaulieu sur mer, Cannes, Grasse, December 1925 - January 1926, 9 pages in-4 in ink on paper, at her address 5, rue Juliette Lamber, and 11 pages in-8 in ink, envelopes (one letter split and repaired). - This Tuesday [December 29]. "I'm alone and it's raining. And it rains on my heart as it rains on the city". He received a letter from a gentleman who "renounces the purchase of this beautiful tulip painting for tax reasons!! [...] I found Tobby at the little driver's restaurant and I am sad, sad, drunk with sadness. I adore you and I cry"; - Sunday, January 3 (on the back of a letter of greetings from Louise Perret to Jasmy). "I have a lot of work to do and don't know yet if I'll be going to the south. [...] Then I have to paint the flowers that we sent you and then the sweets to eat. I didn't console myself but I'm sad, not because you went off to run the sun but because of the way you left angry unjustly. Finally, enough of this bullshit. Enjoy yourself. This Tuesday evening [January 5, 1926] (written on the back of a letter of wishes from Count Raoul de Gontaut-Biron to Jasmy). "But no, I'm not coming to Cannes. If I had intended to come I would have gone with you, but you are not kind enough to me. You leave the ship at the slightest hint of a kiss, you take refuge on a sunny coast and from there you signal to the captain. This job of mermaid suits you well but I am an old sailor and I don't leave my side to let my boat go off on its own according to the winds". He is working on his portraits and has painted the flowers we sent Jasmy for New Year's Day. This Saturday [January 9] (on the back of a letter of greetings to Jasmy from "Henriette"). He received a phone call from aunt Lenin "very excited who wanted to see you I invited him to come and tell me about his adventures but as you are not here I never saw him again". He does not dare to write anything "since
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