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Case d'Armons. To the Republic Army, 1915. Platelet in-8 (215 x 140 mm), bradel demi-chagrin, black half-chagrin box (contemporary binding, Loutrel box). Original edition. One of the 25 copies of the unique edition, not put on the market (n° 23) and signed " G. A." at the justification. As it is the case for most of the copies, Guillaume Apollinaire took back in black ink some letters that were not well printed. It is enriched with his rare subscription form as well as a military postcard from the French army, similar to the one in the collection. While he was at the front in May 1915, Guillaume Apollinaire had the idea of collecting his most recent poems in a small calligraphic booklet and reproduced "at the firing battery", with the help of "the marshals of the Bordard and Berthier lodgings on 17 June 1915" on the army stencil duplicator. The print run was to be 112, then 60 copies (including 5 on large paper), and the proceeds of the sale were to be paid to the gunners of his battery. Finally, the print run was limited to 25 copies, all different. The order of the poems varied from one copy to another and the differences due to the printing forced the poet to enhance by hand letters or words poorly printed on sheets 3r and v, 4r, 5v, 8r, 10r, 16v, 19r and 20r. These differences are particularly visible in the Postcard to Jean Royère. On the back of one leaf, an autograph poem in black and red, whose verses sometimes vary slightly. A window cut out of the leaf reveals a part of the postcard in question which is glued to its back. A poem has been stencilled in blue. Apollinaire gathers in this collection poems written while he is at the front. The war is, of course, a central theme. They are sometimes accompanied by small drawings as illustrations or form the poet's first printed calligrams. Case d'Armons will moreover be included almost entirely in a section of Calligrammes (Paris, 1918). Extremely rare em
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