BEAUVOIR, Simone de

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BEAUVOIR, Simone de
Autograph manuscript. S. l. n. d. ca. 1966]. 304 p. out of 199 ff. in-4 and 5 p. in-4 typed. The manuscript is missing only a 15-line paragraph in Chapter I and 2 one-page lines in Chapter III. Some printed duplicates are provided with the document. Numbered autograph manuscript for Les Belles Images. Rather unknown text by Simone de Beauvoir, which takes up the key themes of the author of Le Deuxième Sexe, such as the couple, bourgeois hypocrisy and the place of women in society. Through Laurence, the main character, the philosopher poses the question of happiness and free will for a woman. How can one free oneself from one's environment, one's destiny as a wife and mother, how can one escape from these "beautiful images", these clichés, these norms that surround and scleroticise the feminine condition? Laurence wonders about her role as a mother and more particularly about the education she wishes to offer her daughter Catherine. "She was three or four years old; tiny, brown, black eyes, a yellow dress flared like a corolla around her knees, white socks; she was turning around, arms raised, her face drowned in ecstasy, looking completely crazy. Transported by the music, dazzled, gray, transfigured, distraught. Placid and fat, her mother was chatting with another fat woman, while driving a baby carriage with a baby in it back and forth; insensitive to music, at night, she sometimes cast a bovine glance at the inspired little girl. ...] A charming little girl who would become this matron. No. I didn't want to. ...a little girl on death row, a horrible death without a body. Life was going to murder her. I was thinking of Catherine being murdered. " This manuscript, very close to the published version, has many passages crossed out and erased to enrich the text. Some of them, just crossed out, offer good readability. "Why Jean Charles rather than Lucien? asks Laurence, staring at her husband who is spreading orang
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