BLOY, Léon

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BLOY, Léon
Love letter to Johanne Molbech. August 29, 1889-[April 8] 1890. 39 letters from Bloy, about 104 pages in-12 or in-8 and 55 letters from Molbech, about 233 pages in-12 or in-8. Magnificent loving and spiritual correspondence of Léon Bloy with his fiancée Johanne (Jeanne) Molbech, who will become his wife in May 1890: 39 L. A. S. de Bloy to Johanne Molbech, and 55 L. A. A. S. from Johanne Molbech to Bloy. This set traces the blossoming of their love, from the moment they met until almost their marriage. Signed "Léon Bloy", "ton Léon", or "ton Léon Marie" on one side, "Johanne Molbech", "Jeanne" or "ta Jeanne" on the other, these letters show the birth of a passion: "Miss, I feel today invincibly urged to write to you [...]. Our talk yesterday did me a great deal of good & I feel the need to express it to you. I, usually so sad, so alone, tormented by such cruel anxieties & so devoid of consolation, woke up this morning, my heart deliciously tender & overflowing with childlike joy, thinking of you. "(Léon, August 29, 1889); "I have never met anyone whose spirit corresponds as perfectly to what I need as yours. "(Jeanne, September 1, 1889.) "Once again, I shall see you tomorrow, my very sweet friend, we shall go out together & I hope, the day after tomorrow, we shall go together to the Expos. which will be a way of being completely to each other for a great many hours. Just thinking about it my heart leaps with joy. "I had a sudden and dreadful fear of losing what God had given me in you and what I had not sought - that is why I was sad" (Jeanne, September 8, 1889) and very soon: "My beloved. With what profound joy I write this name, a joy that does not allow itself to be disturbed by any separation, so much is it above earthly and fleeting joys, so much is its nature of eternal origin. "(Jeanne, September 23, 1889) These feelings are shared on both sides: "My beloved Jeanne, my dearest love, her
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