CÉLINE, Louis-Ferdinand

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CÉLINE, Louis-Ferdinand
Autograph manuscript for D'un Château l'autre. S. l., [ca. 1954-1957]. 52 p. in-4 (27 x 21.1 cm). This manuscript consists of 52 pages on cream paper, written in ballpoint pen, foliated from 82 to 129, with numerous cross-outs, additions and corrections. They correspond to pages 59 to 71 of the original edition published in 1957 by Gallimard. This working manuscript is far removed from the final published version, even though it contains the essential facts and plots. Many passages have been rewritten or deleted, others have been extensively developed. Thus Céline writes: "I don't do macabre for pleasure, to amaze you, like so many authors who are out of breath... ! no ! I was telling you about the mass grave. He didn't keep his place. "Many passages are crossed out and Céline starts again: "To hell with it. In Thiais. or even further! in Provence... good! But me dead Lili say see? and my ferocious dogs? and my transplants? I don't see Lili able to defend herself... resourceful... No! She'll hear a little! He's got everyone on his back ..." (page 82). This passage becomes in the published text: "I am not going to give in the macabre, loufiats, croquemorts, etc., no !... I was talking about the mass grave... not the one here... further on.... in Thiais !.. further on still... but me gone..... Lili?... the cats... the dogs... I don't see Lili defending herself... she's not made for... this flood!... you're talking!... one of those "rightful owners" rushes!.... friends, relatives, crooks, bailiffs, ravenous all over the place !... oh we know !... yes !... yes !... certainly !... all the looting !... here !... there !... elsewhere !... everywhere ! But Lili alone ?.... He made everybody mad !... " The numerous crossings and corrections allow us to understand Celine's stylistic work. Precious and important working manuscript for D'un Château l'autre. Stain with material on page 109, wetness, a few freckles and marginal
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