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Set of 21 autograph letters signed to Roger Nimier. La Frette sur Seine, 1954-1958. 43 p. on 29 ff. in-4 or in-8 (various sizes). Set of 21 autograph letters signed from Jacques Chardonne to Roger Nimier. In this interesting literary, friendly and political correspondence, Chardonne gives Nimier his opinion on a large number of personalities of his time, on the beginnings of the Algerian war and the consequences of the 1939-1945 war. - Charles de Gaulle: "I would have forgiven de Gaulle a long time ago for all the evil he did if it had not been repeated that he had liberated the territory.... " or "De Gaulle is a man of old, the embodiment of French vanity. Contemporary literature: "These three infamous men: Mauriac, Duhamel, Romans [...] traitors to literature" . These three infamous: Mauriac, Duhamel, Romans [...] traitors to literature. [...] Little provincials, little people, "self made men", full of resentment, venom, for the gifted Parisian, who had a branch. It's a race war. "Churchill: " Great qualities. Intelligent; too versatile; capable of great mistakes. He made us declare war on Germany in '39, at the worst possible time. "Brigitte Bardot: " We lost B. B. The "jewellers" [from Le Clair de lune, a film by Roger Vadim, released in 1958], it's distressing. " We join: - 2 minutes of letters. S. l. n. d. 3 p. sur 2 ff. in-8 - 2 typewritten letters signed René Hess in Chardonne. Marseilles, 5 and 20 May 1958. 2 p. out of 2 ff. in-4, one of which is pasted in a letter to Nimier and the other containing an autograph fragment of Chardonne. - 2 autograph texts Politics and Literature. S. l. n. d., 4 p. out of 2 ff. in-4. Marginal tears, stains, yellowed leaves.
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