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Set of 19 autograph letters signed to Roger Nimier. La Frette, April-June 1955. 34 p. out of 20 ff. in-4 to in-12 (various sizes). Set of 19 autograph letters signed to Roger Nimier. In this correspondence, Chardonne talks to Nimier about all current political and literary topics. Nothing and no one is spared by his sharp pen. - The post-war period: "It was the obvious time for 'Europe'. It will be made by a kind of Franco-German fusion; or by Russia and communism. And this remained obvious whatever the outcome of the war. With Germany, France kept its personality. With Russia, she lost her roots. "The condition of the writer: " Literature, the state of the writer, is more harmful than alcoholism. Cocteau: "He really has a little genius in his mouth." MacOrlan: "Further down, read MacOrlan." I always thought he wrote as badly as Malraux; in an even more childish and ridiculous way. "About a collective volume published by Grasset: " Breton is neutral, flat, infantile. Zero. Late: zero. Deharme: the caricature of a genre of which Indes galandes is the masterpiece. Dreadful. Stay Gracq. Very talented. Very nice style. It's beautiful like this candy cane paste that a fat man kneaded at Barbezieux in front of the dazzled children; a creamy satin. One is charmed; then it fades away. It was nothing. "His political convictions: " This is my political life. At the time when young right-wing literary youths enjoyed Maurras, I sulked, because Maurras was stubbornly on the side of Germany (very serious). The socialists, more intelligent on this side (Jaurès and then Blum) were, on the whole, abstract in the primaries. Socializing fascism had everything to please me; but the anti-Jewish side disgusted me. In short, I was always disgusted. " Stains, crease marks, a few small marginal tears (sometimes affecting the text).
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