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Set of 19 autograph letters, including 18 signed to Roger Nimier. La Frette and Paris, March-May 1956. 26 p. out of 17 ff. in-4 to in-12 (various sizes). Set of 19 autograph letters, including 18 signed to Roger Nimier. - The writing: "If prose (novel) is not a great art, it is an indiscreet discourse. "Arland: "Here is an honest author; full of scruples; who rejects all "complacency" (a word he often uses) . A puritan of letters. ...] He is always a knotted man, uncomfortable in everything, entangled in his virtue; and who has never found a way out in life, except through red wine. At home, everything is a problem. "Jesus Christ: " The "passion" of Christ (what they do with it), his resurrection, his miracles have always shocked me. (He, who said beautiful things, which are enough). "Sagan: " [...] After Claude, here is Rousseaux who praises Sagan's novel. But Mistler (good judge) agrees with you. And now I think of my own vacillating opinion: long enough charmed; and then rejected. Again I waver. The truth must be in that perplexity. "Cendrars: " [Edmond] Jealous [...] knew that Cendrars wrote very badly, that it is nothing (except in verse, I think). Wind. A wind instrument. Putting Cendras and Morand together! Do not fall on your knees in front of La Folle Amoureuse (the first short story). To see nothing of it. Take a diamond for glass. And next to it go into raptures over the pebbles of Cendrars. And print it all! "Proust: " No one has ever written worse than Proust. (not even Malraux) [...]. When you swim in Proust, rocked by these muddy waves, you feel good, you don't notice anything. "In the course of this correspondence, Chardonne forwarded five autograph letters signed by Paul Morand in which the latter speaks to her about politics and literature, as well as two autograph cards signed by him. He also transferred to Nimier an autograph letter signed by Bernard Frank to which he added a few words and his
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