DEBORD, Guy Ernest

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DEBORD, Guy Ernest
Correspondence to Maurice Wyckaert. 1 March 1958 - 6 December 1960. 47 p. in ink, in 23 ff. in-4 and 6 ff. in-8. Rare and important correspondence of 25 autograph letters signed by Guy Debord to the Belgian painter Maurice Wyckaert. Wyckaert played a central role in the construction and development of the Situationist International, since it was notably at his home, in Alsemberg near Brussels, that the headquarters of the Central Situationist Council was to be located. It was also he who found samples of the famous metallized paper that made the covers of the SI famous. In September 1960 he was also appointed to read the "Declaration on behalf of the Fourth SI Conference at the Institute for Contemporary Arts". He participates in the layout of Jorn's Critique of Economic Policy, which he prints in Belgium, distributes Debord's films in Belgium, etc. He is also responsible for the layout of Jorn's Critique of Economic Policy, which he prints in Belgium, and distributes Debord's films in Belgium. He will finally be excluded from the Situationist International in April 1961, for having maintained his relations with the gallery owner Otto van de Loo. This correspondence began a little less than a year after the creation of the SI (July 1957) and ended a few months before Wyckaert's exclusion. It shows Debord organizing the action that was to take place at the Art Critics' Conference in Brussels in April 1958: "Korun's proposal for an action to be attempted ... met with the greatest approval here. We will stop, if you agree, at the following plan: We are going to print in Paris 2000 copies of a leaflet to be thrown away at this meeting - if possible at the inaugural session - at the moment when one of us, suddenly taking the floor, will read the text (a little before other copies will have been mailed to the newspapers of Europe). "(13 March 1958.) The strategist then instructs Wyckaert to send "about a hundred copies, printed in
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