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Meeting of 9 autograph letters. Arosa, Saint-Alban and n. l., 1928-1943 and n. d. 14 p. out of 10 ff. in-8 and in-12 (various sizes). A collection of 9 autograph letters, 8 of which are signed, to René Laporte, Louis Parrot and Charles Vildrac. - 6 autograph letters signed to René Laporte. In a letter dated May 3, 1928, Éluard, who is nursing his lungs at the Parksanatorium in Arosa, Switzerland, informs him of his new project: "At the moment I wish to publish a book of poems with some drawings by Paul Klee. I don't know if you can publish illustrated volumes. If so, I will make mine available to you. " This book will not see the light of day after all. On July 19, 1943, Éluard congratulates René Laporte for his article on Zola published in the magazine Domaine français, and in November of the same year, he compliments him on his last novel: "But I have read and enjoyed Le Cheval volant, a beautiful and clear book. " On November 30, 1943, Paul Éluard, a refugee in the psychiatric hospital of Saint Alban, addressed René Laporte as follows: "It is understood: we will come to see you around January 10-15. And Nusch rejoices as much as I do. "He signs his letter with the first name "Lucien" and adds: "I repeat my address, in case you don't have it anymore: Dr . Lucien Bonnafé. Hospital of Saint Alban (Lozère). "Dr. Bonnafé, who joined the Resistance in 1941, was one of the first presenters of Paul Éluard's Poetry and Truth 1942. - 2 autograph letters signed to Louis Parrot. In a 1936 letter, Éluard states: "I have, moreover, completely separated myself from the collective surrealist activity which seems to me to be increasingly lacking in seriousness and sufficient means. "Further on, Éluard gives him some instructions for the translation of his surrealist tale, Appliquée. - 1 autograph letter, unsigned, to Charles Vildrac. Éluard expresses his deep admiration: "Your
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