GARY, Romain

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GARY, Romain
Signed autograph manuscript. New-York, June 1953. 119 p. on 61 folio pages (34.8 x 21.1 mm), adjusted and paginated, unbound from a notebook. Signed autograph manuscript for two short stories : " Les Mains " (in two states) and " La Nature Humaine ". The manuscript presents two states of the same short story, entitled The Hands. The first state of the text runs from page 3 to page 39 and the second state runs from page 51 to page 103. The second state is signed and dated "New York, June 1953". These two states correspond to the incipit of the short story first entitled Ainsi s'achève une journée de soleil, published in 1954 in the magazine La Table Ronde and which will be published again in 1962 under the title Le Lute in the collection Gloire à nos illustres pionniers and also in Les Oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou. The two manuscripts, abundantly erased and corrected, show variations between them. Thus, the text of the first state begins as follows: "The diplomatic corps of I. had few more distinguished members than the Count of C., Minister Plenipotentiary.... The minister was a man of barely fifty, tall, of rare elegance. "In 192...the diplomatic corps of Istanbul had among its members few men as distinguished, as respected and perhaps even envied as the Count of N. [...] Tall, slim, of that sober and governing elegance that went to perfection with long and delicate hands, with fingers that always seem to suggest a lifetime of intimacy with objects of art, the pages of a beautiful book or the keyboard of a piano. " The final text is clearly different, but we find the same descriptive elements: "Tall, thin, with that elegance that goes so well with long and delicate hands, with fingers that always seem to suggest a lifetime of intimacy with art objects, the pages of a rare edition or the keyboard of a piano, the ambassador Count of N.... had spent his entire career in important but cold posts, far from the Mediter
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