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Signed autograph letter addressed to Paul MARTEAU Korsör (Denmark), January 25, 1948. 6 pages in-4 in blue ink on paper, envelope preserved. Very friendly and warm letter, confirming the intimate links between Celine and Paul Marteau: "Your letter arrives to us like a little Christmas announcing new times! A thousand friendships and best wishes and gratitude!" He reacts to an umpteenth file from the examining magistrate: "Oh the document - it must be another joke - the1000th! A forgery! Or nothing at all! I'm used to it, but the shit is that the momentum is given... even on an empty file the momentum is all! There are of course comparisons to be made between the rage that pursues me and the infinite indulgence of the public prosecutor's office towards so many illustrious collaborators (see the Dictionnaire des Girouettes)" [published in 1948, was preceded by "L'oubli en politique"] "unless you're blind and deaf it's hard to digest! Oh condemned I will complain! I will not bleat! I am always heard by at least 500,000 readers - In the 'gala' [des Vaches, a newspaper kept by Albert Paraz since 1947 and published in 1948, made up of a large Céline-Paraz cross-correspondence], I dig up platonic friendships so as not to seem protected by anyone. Absolutely alone. Already the jackals are sniffing and how!". Celine asks Marteau to influence André Marie, the Minister of Justice. "But I would like them to stop persecuting me as they do. Out of sadism, for fun - Let them do all the indignities they want to me! I'm the worthy one! But no sheet metal even in absentia."
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