ANTHEIL George (1900-1959)

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ANTHEIL George (1900-1959)
11 L.A.S. and 10 L.S. "George Antheil" or "George", [1924-1930 and n.d.], to Jacques BENOIST-MÉCHIN; 25 pages in various formats, a few addresses and envelopes (two on the back of illustrated postcards); in English. Nice correspondence from the American composer in his early Parisian years. [Jacques BENOIST-MÉCHIN (1901-1983), the future politician and historian, was then known as a brilliant journalist and talented composer. He will link up with George Antheil, who then lived at 12 rue de l'Odéon, above Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare and Company bookstore]. Paris [March 21, 1924]. All his life he had been looking for a sincere friend, and the letter from Benoist Méchin gave him his first happiness in years. When he first heard him speak he hoped to have him as a friend. The music of the future lies exclusively in these almost unspoken, or inadequately expressed idea-forms, and it is in the future music to be written yet that we will have comradeship ("The music of the future lies in these almost unspoken, or inadequately expressed idea-forms but it is most certainly there and only there, and it is in the future music to be written yet that we will have comradeship"). Antheil is secretly unhappy with his current music... [July 1924, at the back of the program of the American music concert organized by Ezra POUND]: because of the stupidity of the musicians and the "music lovers", the creative artists of all times had to make hogswash, like him also with the "Mechanism"... [November 12, 1925]. Insomniac, he consoled himself with the thought that the chorale of "Jack" is a work of genius... [December 1925]. Invitation to Christmas Eve dinner with him and Böski at Bill and Louise BULLITT's house; he is busy putting together a string quartet; the Bullitts are important... [1925?]. He finishes his Ballet mécanique and does not know if it will be with Fernand LÉGER or not... Ideas on the musician of the future, who, like Picasso or James Joyce, w
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