BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)

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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)
L.A.S., "H. Berlioz", [Paris] "19 rue de Boursault" January 16, 1856, to violinist Prosper SAINTON; 4 pages in-8. Nice letter on the organization and cost of a concert. [The French violinist Prosper SAINTON (1813-1890) moved to London in 1845, where he spent his entire career as a violinist, teacher at the Royal Academy of Music, and concert organizer; he welcomed Berlioz warmly in London. In 1860 he married contralto Charlotte DOLBY (1821-1885), for whom he asked Berlioz to organize a concert in Paris, which is discussed here]. "At the end of this month I'm leaving for Germany, where I don't know exactly how long I'll be staying. In addition, I have various offers for Belgium for the month of March, and if what I ask for these Belgian concerts can be realized, I will accept the offers that are made to me. So he won't be in Paris in March. "Otherwise you must not doubt the pleasure I would have had in placing myself entirely at the disposal of Miss Dolby and in organising and conducting her concert. I have received many courtesies and tokens of good fellowship from English artists; I would therefore have been only too happy to be pleasant (but without any terms) to such a distinguished person in every respect as Miss Dolby. He will retain the hall of Herz, and will make an account of the "expenses of a concert of the kind Miss Dolby wishes to give. The illuminated hall 300 fr. The orchestra of 54 musicians 800 fr. Posters and tickets 250 fr. approximately Droit des pauvres 100 fr. perhaps less Instrument rental 32 fr.", plus 100 fr. for the organizer (Gouffi er or Belloni), and the stamp of the conductor Tilmant: "this is the only one I advise you to take". He doubts that the pianist Émile Prudent wants to play and that the director of the Opera will allow the tenor Gustave Roger to sing...". As for you, my dear Sainton, there is no doubt that a great success awaits you and that your name gives a
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