BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)

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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)
L.A.S. "H. Berlioz", January 16 [1857], to Georges HAINL, conductor at the Grand Théâtre de Lyon; 2 pages and a quarter in-8, address with stamps. Beautiful letter on the difficulties of finding instrumentalists, and on the Invitation à la valse. He fears that Hainl will have difficulty "finding the number of trumpets necessary to perform the march of Olympia [by SPONTINI], you will only find a poor substitute for them in the form of dusty cornets incapable of giving a high ground and for which it will be necessary to transpose the parts in F for cornets in A. It will be pitiful and all the high notes will be missed or transposed to the low octave and it will not make sense. Unless there has been a revolution in the provinces since I went there, you know that we had had extreme difficulty in finding two poor trumpets". He cannot lend him "my music from WEBER's Invitation to the Waltz"; his score, linked with five overtures, is for the moment in Weimar. It can be bought at Brandus. "But just one harp will be miserable! We have always played this in London and here with at least 16 harps. It will be petty. It would be better not to play this piece and you'll find twenty to one that will produce more eff and on your bourgeois "... Correspondence, t. V, n° 2201.
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