BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)

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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)
L.A.S. " Hector Berlioz ", Paris Dimanche 20 [22 October 1865, to Mrs Amélie ERNST] ; 4 pages in-8 (slots repaired). Letters of condolence after the death of his friend the violinist Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (1814-1865), who died in Nice on October 8. He was ill and did not have the strength to answer his sad letter. "Even today I find it difficult to draw these few lines. Heller had told me the sad news and you think what part we have taken in your pain. I loved Ernst, as you know, and had loved him before you met him. I have left proof of this in a volume of Memoirs which I have just had printed and which contains a letter to him and an appreciation of his talent. This book is not published and will not be on sale until after my death; but we will see what I thought of Ernst twenty years ago. This will be my stone for his monument. For the other monument you are telling me about, I cannot in any way help to erect it. A rich man like Mr. Figdor, for example, by subscribing himself, could. But partial subscriptions never work in Paris. ... For me, who has neither health nor money, I can do nothing ...". He asked Joseph d'Ortigue to mention Ernst in his soap opera. "We have also just lost one of our friends, poor Wallace [pianist William WALLACE], and his widow is in the same position as you. Ah, the sky is black, I feel myself sinking in grief. Excuse me, dear lady, I must take my laudanum and try to fall asleep. I can't take it anymore. I spend three-quarters and a half of my life lying down. Death is a very capricious coquette! "... Correspondence, t. VII, n° 3056.
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