BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897)

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BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897)
L.A.S. "J. Br.", [Wien 21 December 1894], to his publisher Fritz SIMROCK in Berlin; 4 pages in-8; in German. Nice letter about Smetana and Dvořák, his Deutsche Volkslieder, the rights Simrock paid him, and announcing the premiere of the Sonatas for clarinet and piano. He did not exaggerate with SMETANA as the corrections show. He didn't exaggerate with the distribution of the percentages - but he didn't talk about money in his letter, but about friendly, kind, courteous and other things, such as the fact that Simrock gives him at least 90% too much . It would be easy to prove that he is not exaggerating too much, but it would be useless... But every time Brahms thinks Simrock could be nice, he hears a mocking laugh! [Simrock added a comment in the margin: Those concerned will know why! There's no answer to the general accusations!] This won't spoil the joy of the festivities, so Simrock will be able to enjoy the beautiful city of Zurich... Kirchner writes him that he would like to have the Volkslieder; he too was on the list. He forgot to say that the Philharmoniker played the Carnival Overture [by DVORAK] with such brilliance and effi ciency and that the whole orchestra had to stand up and thank them, which is not the case with the new works... He adds that the two Sonatas [Sonatas for Clarinet and Piano] will probably be played in Leipzig on January 26. "Daß ich mit Smetana nicht übertrieb, hat Ihnen gestern die Korr [ekturen] gezeigt. Mit Ihrer Vertheilung der Procente übertreibe ich auch nicht - aber sehen Sie m [einen] Brief nach, ich rede nicht von Geld, sondern von Freundlich- Artig- Höfl ich- u. andern -Keiten, deren Sie mir jedenfalls 90% zu viel, Andern aber, wie ich meine zu wenig gönnen. However, I would like to add that we have not yet reached the point where we have not yet reached the end of the term of office. This is a good thing; it is a good
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