LALO ÉDOUARD (1823-1892)

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LALO ÉDOUARD (1823-1892)

L.A.S. " E. Lalo ", Paris 15 July 1880, to a lady [Mme Auguste ScHeurer-KeStner]; 4 pages in-8.

After her nomination to the Legion of Honour. He did not expect such a prompt solution: "I was in such ignorance of what was going on that the premature congratulations of a few painter friends had left me in complete disbelief. I have since learned of your husband's every move, and I am all the more grateful to him for this, since I am not unaware of his opinions on decorations and other un-Republican rattles. Unfortunately artists cannot yet place themselves in such a high position; we are in daily contact with a routine audience that values only those who show it a piece of ribbon ; we depend on them, and, as I told Mr. Scheurer, it is only since yesterday morning that this very large audience agrees to recognize some talent in me... "... It would be a pleasure "... if you and Mr. Scheurer would do me the honor of accepting the dedication of my favorite work - The King of Ys"..."...
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