LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

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LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

L.A.S. " F. Liszt ", [Weimar] 5 January 1855, to Hector BERLIOZ; 4 pages in-8 on blue paper.

Beautiful letter with music, concerning the coming to Weimar of Berlioz, on invitation of the Grand Duke of Baden.

" I am very happy about your acceptance and February will be a beautiful month of sunshine for me. It is an excellent idea to have us hear your Symphonie fantastique with the Melologue [Lélio], and although our orchestra is numerically insufficient, they will bite into it with passion, and will do their best to replace quantity with quality as much as possible..." He recommends that Granz or Pätch be commissioned, The Grand Duchess also expresses her wish that the programme of the Court concert on 17 February be "more mixed" than the proposed L'Enfance du Christ. "After having spoken with her about it, I will first propose "La Fête chez Capulet" -
the Trio of the Chisellers from Act 2 by Cellini (the new Tenor will have arrived at the beginning of February, and will easily learn this piece) with the Chœur du Serment", of which Liszt notes three bars of music. Plus" one or two pieces of song that you will choose as you wish and another great piece from Faust (the Rakozy [Rakoczy's march on a Hungarian theme] excepted). It takes about two hours of music - but no less. As for the concert in the theatre, we can go up to four hours of music, and if it were possible to combine the Symphonie fantastique (with Mélologue) with L'Enfance du Christ that evening, it would be superb. In a week's time he will go to Gotha, and he will inform Berlioz about the staff and the arrangements that await him. "CORNELIUS is delighted to have a new Partition of you before his eyes and will hasten to make the translation that you ask him to do; and for your Tempest I can offer you half a dozen Pianists who will compete for the honour of being led by you. By the way, why don't you produce your beautiful Captive? If it hasn't already been translated in
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