LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

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LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

L.A.S. " F. Liszt", Weimar 23 March 1857, to a friend; 3 pages petit in-8 (slightly insolated edges); in German.

About the Aachen Festival.

[At the Aachen Festival (Aachen), from 19 May to 4 June 1857, Liszt was to be the principal conductor; negotiations concerning the programs and the hall had been going on for months. The engagement of Albert NIEMANN (1831-1917), the famous Wagnerian tenor, is of particular interest here].

He has just been informed of Niemann's highly desirable participation in the Aachen Music Festival, except for the three days of Pentecost [May 31]. Since no other obstacles exist to the engagement of this guest, he asks his friend to use his influence with the management of the Frankfurt Theater so that Mr. Niemann, as he himself wishes, will play not on June 1, but four days later, on June 5.

He knows all too well how much the simplest difficulties in theatre have to be overcome, but he hopes that with good will a pleasant solution can be found...

"Soeben benachrichtigt daß der mir so wünschenswerthen Mitwickung Herrn Niemann's, bei dem Aachner Musik Fest welches wie es die Norm dieser Musik Feste bedingt an den 3 Pfi ngts [sic] Tagen statt fi nden muß, kein anderes Hinderniß in Wege steht als die früher getroff ene Verabredung sein Gastspiel am 1ten Juny zu beginnen, richte ich an Sie als Freund die Bitte Ihren Einfl uss auf die Frankfurter Theater Direction dahin zu verwenden: Dass Herrn Niemann so wie Er es bereits selbst verlangt hat zugesagt wird sein Gastspiel in Frankfurt anstatt am 1ten Juny, vier Tage später, am 5ten Juny zu eröff nen. If we are going to sign a declaration that we are not going to be able to offer the theatre-goers in the theatre-going public in Schwierigkeiten to the same extent - and we are not going to be able to do this in this hall because it is a very important and unique event, and we are going to be able to make it a reality in the future
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