LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

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LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

P.A.S. " F. Liszt", Villa d'Este [Tivoli] November 11, 1880; 3 and a half pages of a fold-out sheet written by Liszt on the right hand side with blue pencil cross-references to the questions noted on the left hand side (a few slight slits); in German.

Answers to a questionnaire about his works and his activity as conductor and pianist in Weimar.

"Fragebogen behufs der Bearbeitung des Buches : Beethoven und Liszt", is written at the head of this document by the composer and writer Anna BENFEY-SCHUPPE (1830-1903), who asks Liszt ten questions in preparation for the book that her husband Rudolf BENFEY (1821-1891) is preparing on Beethoven und Liszt (in a letter of the same day, Liszt said she was shocked by the title, recalling a childhood memory and feeling like a poodle next to the lion, King of the Forests : "wie der Pudel bei dem König der Wälder").

The first question concerns the piano arrangements of Liszt's symphonic poems: Liszt answers that at the end of September he published his twelve symphonic poems arranged by him for piano 4 hands ("meine 12 Symphonischen Dichtungen, im 4 händigen (von mir gefertigten) Clavierarrangement") with his publishers Breitkopf & Härtel and Gottschalg in Weimar. In answer to the second question, he makes his arrangements for 2 pianos of the Dante and Faust Symphonies available to the Benfey family at Gottschalg. The fourth question concerns the programme of concerts organised by Liszt for the Court of Weimar in the years 1849 to 1860, where the most important artists played: Joachim, Ernst, Vieuxtemps, Bülow, Rubinstein, Bronsart, Tausig, Mrs. Viardot-Garcia, etc. BERLIOZ conducted some concerts of the Court, whose programmes always included excellent Nova et vetera (as prescribed in the Gospels). Under Liszt's direction, the Weimar Opera, from 49 to 58, in addition to the permanent repertoire (Mozart, Weber, Meyerbeer, Rossini, etc.), also conducted a few concerts of the Court.
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