MAHLER GUSTAV (1860-1911)

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MAHLER GUSTAV (1860-1911)
L.A.S. "Mahler", [Wien 15 February 1904], to Wilhelm BIRRENKOVEN, singer at the Hamburg City Theatre; 2 pages oblong in-12 with K. u. k. letterhead. Direction of the k. k. Hofoperntheaters, envelope; in German. Warm and insistent letter, urging the tenor to settle in Vienna. [Mahler had noticed, when he was Kapellmeister of the Hamburg Opera, tenor Wilhelm so-called Willi BIRRENKOVEN (1865-1955); here he wanted to bring him to Vienna, but Birrenkoven preferred to stay in Hamburg, where he was paid an enormous salary for the time]. Mahler is ready to take the tenor under contract as early as 1905, but he wants this contract to remain a secret between them, and for Birrenkoven to come first for a guest artist show: after the splendid success of this show, their agreement would be made public. If he agrees, let him send him a telegram to this effect, and Mahler will send him the contract by return. He must add that contractual winter holidays are impossible (no member of their troupe has any), but that he gives an artist leave as often as possible. The terms would be the same as those he has already proposed to him. He hopes that he will not persist in being an old fool, and in opposing purely formal minor details! He would like himself very much in Vienna!... "Ich bin auch bereit vom Jahre 1905 angefangen schon jetzt mit Ihnen abzuschließen, doch würde ich vorschlagen, daß der Vertrag ein Geheimniß zwischen uns bleibt, und Sie eine Art Ehrengastspiel bei uns vorher absolvieren, nach dessen sehr glänzendem Erfolge, unsere Abmachungen dann erst bekannt gegeben wurden könnten. - It is therefore a good thing that we are now in a position to do so, and I hope that we will be able to do so in the near future. - However, I would also like to say that the main principles of the winter contract are still there (and we are still not satisfied with the way in which they are being implemented) - if we are going to have a good da
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